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BLACK TRANSLATIONS is a small, privately run business handling translating or correcting jobs of all shapes and sizes. No job is too big or too small!
Each piece is quoted on in detail and receives individual attention with all conditions being taken into consideration. All work is carried out promptly and professionally at realistic prices.

Combining native Australian English with experience as an adult education teacher and translator, most subjects can be addressed. The final product may then be used for business, cultural or private websites, PhD theses, exhibitions, brochures, speeches, job applications or even comics!



EAWAG - Swiss Federal Institute for
Environmental Science & Technology

> Web-translations and corrections
Contact: Jochen Markard (Green Power Project)
Email: jochen.markard@eawag.ch

Fumetto-International Comix-Festival
> Web-translations and corrections
Contact: Lynn Kost (Artistic Director)
Email: lynn.kost@fumetto.ch

SVK - Swiss Liaison Centre Committee for Victims of Crime
> Web-translations
Contact: Lic.iur. Andrea Heri
Email: andrea.heri@lu.ch

Lucerne District Court
> Oral-translations
Contact: André Zumthurm (District Judge)
Email: andre.zumthurm@lu.ch

Melk Thalmann (Illustrations & Comics)
> Text-translations
Contact: Melk Thalmann
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e-nvention ag (Software Development)
> Text-corrections
Contact: Toni Kaufmann (Manager)
Email: tonik@e-nvention.com

> Web-translations
Contact: Wetz (Artist)
Email: info@wetz.ch

> Text-translations
Contact: Stefan Röllin (City Archives)
Email: stefan.roellin@stadtsursee.ch

> Web- and text translations
Contact: Urs Hangartner (Exhibition Curator)
Email: hau@hispeed.ch

ro:mu:s (Coaching & Consulting)
> Web-translations
Contact: Martin Sigrist
Email: martin.sigrist@romus.ch

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